Best Thermal Compound for GPU


Jun 14, 2011
Hey guys,
I thinking about reapply the thermal compound on my GPU because it is getting considerably hot, especially since summer has kicked in. What is the best thermal compound for my Sapphire Radeon 4870 512mb?
Cheap and good: AS5
Excellent: MX-4, MX-3, TX-3, TX-2, IC Diamond.

Be careful to non apply in another component or PCB, those TIM are conductors can kill your GPU or more.


Oct 20, 2008
i really like the ceramique by the same people that make AS5...the thing about ceramique is that it's not conductive and it cleans up easy with about 2-5deg difference....if you are worried about heat just get yourself a water cooling's so much better than air cooling


Feb 7, 2011


EXACTLY what I wanted to say. I just put water blocks on both my GPUs and when it came to compound choice, I went straight for AS Ceramique. It's very safe, easy to apply and performs great. Not as well as the top compounds, but still leaps and bounds ahead of stock thermal paste on most components.
I like Arctic Silver 5. It's been around for a long time, but it has been overtaken by newer formulas. AS5 was once considered excellent, now it is considered to be very good.

Just avoid using TX-1. I decided to try it out after I had to remove my Tuniq Tower CPU cooler; I've always used AS5 before. After maybe 12 month the TX-1 dried up and turned to powder; my CPU temps when from 43C idle and 54C load to 60C idle and 80C load.

I tossed out the TX-1 thermal paste that came with my Tuniq Tower, and applied a fresh layer of AS5. Immediately my temps went down to 45C idle and 56C load. I just need to wait for the AS5 to cure so that the temps drops back down to 43C/54C.


Jun 14, 2011
i know this topic is old but i just want to add my feedback. as5 is one of the best i tried paste type. but i prefer liquid metal thermal paste. my temps now for cpu is 33c idle and its at least 95 degrees out side. i dont have the AC on and i have my pc inside my closet. only reason why i have it in their is because i have my subwoofer inside my closet. i live in a apartment and the bass does not bother the people below me when inside the closet. so their isnt air circulation in my closet what so ever. now imagine if i had it in the room the temps would be much cooler. i have gotten my cpu down to 16c in November. i had a SS but i cant find it had i on face book. will look for it then will post.