Question Best True Wireless IN-EAR Canal ANC Headphones with Mic for Windows?

Dylan Beckett

Jul 12, 2021

Can you advise me on what you think are the best True Wireless IN-EAR CANAL Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling, and Mic for calls.
They must have all those things above ok.

Would be nice if they have those apps where you can tweak stuff, EQ, ANC etc, extra button/tapping functions etc - but not as essential as above.

Also built in Wireless charging would be almost a requirement - but I could live without it if there was a good enough reason.
BTW - is there any way to add wireless charging to Wireless headphones like these if not built in (I assume not) ?

The main thing is - I really need something that will definitely play nicely with Windows for the purposes that I mention below?
As I mentioned elsewhere - I've never used Wireless Headphones and barely used any Bluetooth so don't be afraid to point out anything basic I might now know?

Obviously, most interested in hearing from people who've actually used what they mention ideally!

BTW I'm asking here as I know Win 11 quite often acts the same as Win 10 and there's more people likely to help in this forum ok.

My PC specs are in my sig and I will also use them with a Samsung A33 phone; a Sony X90H (same as Global X900H and X9000H); and a slightly different X95H Bravia (similar multiple code names thing).
But probably mostly used them on PC more often than not.

I'm looking at two different sets for different purposes.
One for myself - a fairly expensive HQ pair for creating Music/Mixing/Recording, Gaming, Youtube, Cellphone/Mobile calls as well as VOIP calls etc.... but mainly want it to sound great for just listening to music most of all!

And one cheaper pair for my Dad (to use with Win 8.1, maybe later Win 11) in similar ways but a much older PC (was pretty decent 10+ years ago new)...

To be clear - I have No Apple products and don't want any ok - Android only re phones etc.

For my more expensive pair I am currently looking at something like:

Sony WH-1000XM4
Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 (or maybe 2nd edition?)
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II

Other suggestions?

I'm only looking at spending up to - but not necessarily US $200 - $270 Maximum - getting things on sale either now or Xmas.

My Dad's not quite so fussy so I'll probably only want to spend up to - but not necessarily US $33 - $133 Maximum.
However - everything else should be the same eg in-ear, ANC and Mic for calls etc.
He has the same phone/TV as me.

For his pair I'd still want to stick to well known brands like those listed above and I've also heard things like Samsung, JBL, Jabra etc are good?
But again - the main priority is that it sounds great for actually listening to music and music creation.

BOTH Pairs will also need to be good to use when also walking around the city, driving and using public transport (noisy environments).
Obviously, I'd be sensible if used when driving - or not used if it's not safe.

I've found strong wind could be really super noisy even with ANC (or because of it?) so hoping to avoid that issue.
I don't much care about being waterproof, won't be used for jogging but want something that feels stable and won't want to fall out.

For my pair I definitely want separate earplugs, but it could be an option for my Dad's pair to maybe have joined earplugs eg some have a cable connecting them over the back of your head (but still wireless)?

I've heard many people say they needed to buy bigger tips than supplied - can you recommend some specific Brands/Models (rough idea of price?) as I think my Dad might need some? Also any advice on types/materials to get or avoid?

Any other suggestions of related items I should get to use with them, or Do's & Don'ts - I'm all ears!

Thank you for your help
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