Best Ultra 13" Laptop Under $1k?

Feb 3, 2023
I haven't bought a new laptop in 10 yrs, but it's time now.

I want a 13 inch screen, ultra portable laptop that has good battery life. I travel a lot and watch YouTube, Netflix etc.

Other than that, I'm no crazy user. No games or huge programs. Just email, web browsing, doing my taxes and streaming stuff.

I'm ok with last year's tech, but I would like my computer to be well built and last at least 5 yrs.

Any suggestions for a well made small laptop with good battery life for under$1k?

I'm looking at Lenovo, Dell, HP etc


Some pretty decent last gen hardware out there. Intel 13th gen should be hitting the market now. 11th gen hardware should be your best deals. You can also look at Ryzen 6000 based laptops. Here are a few models of interest on Newegg (they have the best laptop search), price check against Amazon and go from there.




Some deals from Dell, using coupon codes found here:

XPS 13 is a little over budget, but is basically current gen (12th), 1TB SSD, and 32GB of ram, that would last a while.


Small battery (39.3 Wh) (I found many online complaints regarding this), soldered memory, only a 256GB SSD, and PRO CPU features intended for business that you won't get much use out of. 16:10 screen is nice, but you will see larger black bars top and bottom when watching films.

The Lenovo I posted has a slightly older CPU, but it is a larger one. Comes with a larger 59Wh battery, double the memory, double the storage. And it is a Yoga, so it can be turned into a tablet.

HP I posted is similarly specced, an i7 CPU, 53Wh battery, 16GB memory, 512GB SSD.

Microsoft Surface is an Apple competitor, it has a very high pixel density screen, and high quality everything else really. A battery in that 50Wh range, which is more typical of ultrabooks.

Dell XPS 13" is pretty new, but that line of products is usually well received.

The cheaper Dell is just that, basic Latitude. Generally what you find in an office environment, replacements parts should be easy to come by.