Question Best up-to-date SMART tools for drive status


Dec 3, 2014
Are there any good SMART utilities for monitoring large (10TB+) hard drives? Western Digital's own DataLifeguard seems to have bugs that manifest with large drives (even their own drives!)

Several new WD Gold 10tb drives show in DataLifeguard as 'Health Status: warning'. (Under R-Click, properties).
SMART status says "Unavailable" for the 10TB drives on the main screen;

All of these parameters display correctly for all other drives, including WD Gold 8TB drives. So it appears like WD's software fails to handle the larger capacities, but I'd like to confirm.
Of course they've outsourced all their tech support, so those guys have no idea. It sounded like their phone techs did not even have access to the software and large drives.

Also, right-clicking on ANY drive (even lower capacity drives) under DataLifeguard shows capacity in the neighborhood of 1300GB, no matter how large the drive is. That appears to be a math overflow problem. (Not reassuring for a drive manufacturer).

Anyway, I'd like to double-check with a better SMART utility, if anyone has recommendations.

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