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Best Video Archive Solution?

Rich P

Jun 25, 2014
Hi All!

I work as a video editor, and as a result I have a lot of footage and projects that need archiving when I'm done with them, but that needs to be accessible incase a client comes back or I need to get hold of some previous footage. I'm looking to change my video archiving solution, which currently involves moving finished work onto an external 4TB HDD, which is then plugged into another Mac on the network for access. This allows for cheaper storage and can be bought as and when I need it, however I'm moving onto my 13th drive, I'm running out of USB ports, and I've got cables up to my eyeballs!

I'm thinking about moving to something along the lines of a JBOD setup, but thought I'd put it out there for any other suggestions/help. I've got ~52TB of footage and projects to archive, and it's only going to grow, so it needs to be expandable further. Speed doesn't matter too much, the HDD's at the moment are mostly plugged into USB 2.0 ports, as it's more just for pulling old footage and projects onto the server for use. And of course, I don't want to be spending an absolute fortune, but accept with 56TB to archive straight off, there will be some significant setup costs.

Any/all suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!.


speak to dell/lenovo etc. the kind of growth you are indicating you may be needing is larger than 'normal' solutions. There are ways they just aren't very business like.

simplest, move it to a normal 4TB drive, and stick it in a caddy as an when you need it.

Why do archival data needs to be online at all times?

Another thing is, are you happy with your current indexing method? Can you find what you are looking for fairly quickly?

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