Best Video Card Setup for 1900x1200

tk tomp

Jun 24, 2009

I have slowly been buying compenents for my new rig over the last 2 months. So far I have purchased:

Antec 1200 Case
MSI X58 Eclipse
G. Skill DDR3 6 GB 1600
i7 920
Corsair 1000HX psu

This past weekend I received my new Dell 2409 wfp (Rev A02). As you probably all know the highest resolution that this particular monitor can do is 1900 x 1200.

I am currently shopping for video cards and I could use some advice. I am really open to anything except cards that are water cooled. I've read a few articles on this site that compare Duel and Quad SLI/Crossfire and it seems that at this particular resolution the difference is marginal compared to cost. I know Quad GPU set-ups start making large differences at 30 inch monitors or larger.

I am looking for the best setup for this monitor, whether that be a single duel GPU card (GTX 295 or 4870x2), or two seperate GPU cards like two 4890s or 4870s.

Lets say I buy a single duel GPU card... Is it worth paying the extra $$ for the PCI slot, meaning for me to buy another card down the road since I will be sticking with this monitor and resolution.

Thanks in advance,
Out of curiosity, do you mean the Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP? I have one (A01), and I love it. Great monitor.

As for what the absolute best choice is? You definitely want something with >512MB per GPU. I'd lean towards something like a pair of 4890s, a 4870x2, or a GTX 295 if cost isn't that significant. You're right that in most cases, there isn't a huge gain going to more than two GPUs in this case, although I noticed a significant gain when I added my second 4870x2 specifically in Crysis - I can now run it cranked with AA, while it used to stutter slightly even without any AA when fully cranked. All other games that I've tried run fine on a single 4870x2 though at that resolution, so you probably wouldn't want more than 2 GPUs.

tk tomp

Jun 24, 2009
cjl -

Thank You.

Yes my mistake... Its a Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP (Rev A02). And so far I love it! I've only had it 4 days but I am still memorized every time I turn on my computer.

Cost isn't too much of an issue because I have been planning on building a new rig for a little over a year now so I've been saving. I've been leaning toward a GTX 295 but can help but look at the price points of the 4870x2.

I guess my goal is to get the best graphics now, but also future proof myself. But once again, not sure if leaving room for an extra dual GPA card is even considered future proofing myself due to the resolution limitation.

Thanks again,


Feb 9, 2009
^ now isn't the best time to say future proof using a more powerful graphics card. since when DX11 cards start pouring out in late Q3/ early Q4 this year, all of that money will have been wasted, not to mention a 5870 specs would put it close in performance to a 4870 X2 while costing about the same as a 4890 does now.
Until retail 'boards get reviews all anyone can do is speculate and I do not think it is wise to base a purchasing decision on speculation.
Even if the new DX11 'boards blow the previous cards out of the water it'll still be 18 months before we see DX11 games in any volume, by which time most of us will probably looking for an upgrade anyway.
But, some prudence might be smart: Perhaps a single GTX275 or HD4890 for now with the option to CF/SLI/replace for DX11 in the future?
^Perhaps, with Win 7 on the near horizon as well, I would not be surprised to see one or two A+ titles in time for Christmas although I've not seen any hard facts yet.
But one or two is not in volume and it's only now we're seeing DX10 titles in the mainstream, more than 2 years after its release.
Of course, I shall get the salt and pepper ready for the Humble Pie when proven wrong;)