Best Water Cooling Kit That Supports AMD Ryzen 5 1600X (I plan to get the 2600X but they use the same socket so same thing)

Mar 3, 2018
Best Water Cooling Kit From Stores Near Me
I Recommend From This Seller:
Or You Can Find Other Stores (I Live In Macedonia In Skopje)

Also I Plan To Watercool My GPU (GTX 1080Ti ) And How Do I Connect The Tubing To The Water Container And How Do I Get A Waterblock For My GPU And CPU? (Sorry For Stupid Question, Im A Beginner In Hardware And PC Building Im More So On The Side Of Software)


Jan 9, 2017
I would suggest if you’re a beginner to hardware to take it one step at a time and not even consider a “real” loop ; get a AIO like Game Max Iceberg 120/240mm I have the 120 they are good on my 2600x. They’re cheap (42GBP for the 120) and do the job well with silent solid fans.

If you’re a beginner you should leave the cpu to Auto Overclocking/XFR 2. Under a great cooler like an AIO you can expect 4.2-4.15 while gaming on all cores.
A AIO is more than enough to cool ryzen quietly even at a very high Overclock due to 1. It’s efficient process 2. Soldered IHS 3. It doesn’t demand as much.
If you do want to over lock make sure to test it properly using a suite and not just try it as you can corrupt Windows over a failed boot.
I had a few ryzen chips - 1600(sold @ 3.9),1700x(damaged @ 3.925) ,2200G (backup chip, only got 3.875) and now I have a first decent ryzen .

I know I got the silicon luck (not lottery) with a Biostar X370GTN mobo and 16gigs Trident Z 3600 CL17 @3200 XMP and this cooler I got a prime 95 blend stable at 4.1ghz 1.4v.

1.3875-1.4v is the target for 4.1 but if you’re lucky you can squeeze out 4.2-4.3 (latter mostly on the 2700x) these chips are better than first ryzen but are only a boost to what’s going towards an efficient yet powerful architecture that gets stable and promising more every day - but do not expect 4.5 unless you are lucky and push it via bus clock and turbo auto.
Again stress test and if it hangs or crashes do not blame anything just reboot and try reducing or apply more voltage (max safe is 1.425v) if you do get it.

Do not get the 1600x, it is not bad but not enough of a deal. 2600x costs same as a 1600 used to in the UK before bitcoin went up.