Question Best Way / How to Connect Multiple (8 or 10) 2-pin fans together?

Sep 9, 2022
I have recently built a new pc with the Razer Tomahawk Mini-ITX Case (link #1 below) and want to do something a bit different with it. If you look at link #2 below, you'll see my setup. I have a radiator on top for exhaust and I'm going to have 2 ultra slim fans on the bottom providing intake so the airflow is vertical & (somewhat) linear to prevent hot air congestion.

There is a slot in the front at the bottom of the case for an intake fan so, my idea is to put an ultra slim fan in the front panel but have it flipped around to make it an exhaust. Having it as intake is practically worthless due to poor airflow from the front panel. As is, the airflow and my temps are decent but can feel noticeable hot air sitting under the PSU when I put my hand in there.

I want to put some mini fans along the side of the front panel (behind square ventilation holes) to help push more hot air out. I picked out some mini fans that will fit in the front panel (may need to sand them down some) in link #3 but they are 2 pin connectors.

What is the best way to connect 8 to 10 of these fans together? I tried to look for splitters & hubs for 3-pin connectors but am unsure if they will work.
Plus, is this even worth doing? I know it's extra and I'm a bit of a try-hard for doing all this but if it works (effectively), I'm all about it.

I'm also open to other opinions/suggestions for my build, so please feel free to share and don't worry about offending me.
I apologize for such a long post, as this is my first time ever reaching out to a forum for help.
I really appreciate any/all comments posted, and sincerely thank you for your time!



Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

If you really did want to have the airflow go from bottom to top, having a vertical airstack, I'd have fans at the top and bottom of the case as opposed to dealing with tiny fans that are going to be noisy as if you were running a vacuum cleaner next to your ears. By my observations, the case is actually badly designed. Why you may ask..? The venting holes on the case from pretty much all sides are impeding fans from intaking air, they will also add an audible turbulence as the air is chopped by the fan's blades.

If you want to improve on your case, you can spend money and get PWM Noctua fans for the top and bottom, tether them to a PWM hub...and have LED strips illuminate the innards, then call it a day. There's a second route, to change your chassis for something that actually breathes and isn't complete marketing hype.

My 2 cents though.
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Sep 9, 2022
Thanks so much! I didn't consider the amount of noise it would make, so I'm glad you pointed that out because my pc sits about 2 feet away from me lol

This is the fan I have picked out to put on the bottom as well (link below), but wanted to make more use of the front panel and just had the idea of making it into an exhaust. The Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM has a depth of 15mm so it would fit well both underneath the case and inside the front panel.

Do you think in addition to putting them on the bottom, that placing a fan in the front for exhaust (minus the mini fans) would be effect/worth it? The only reason I'm concerned about it is because the air under the PSU gets really hot and doesn't seem to move around much.
Keep air flow one way, anything else can produce dead air pockets. or air turbulence that slows air passing over elements. Small fans tend to be inefficient due to motor to fins ratio so they have to turn relatively faster and make more noise.