Question Best way to extend WiFi in my situation ?


Apr 16, 2014
I'm looking to extend my wifi signal from my outdoor patio down to my outdoor bar which is about 35 feet away and about 4 feet lower than my patio. I have an ethernet wired access point right inside the house about 10 feet away from where I have an outdoor 110 AC receptacle where I can plug in a device. There is a clear line of site from this receptacle to my bar. The receptcle is not protected from the weather. I plan on using a Roku (Netflix, HBO streaming etc.) and laptops/tablets down at the bar. Any suggestions as to what device(s) I should be looking to purchase? Thanks in advance.
That is not very far away so you would think even a indoor AP sitting in a window on that side of the house might work.

If not your best options is to buy a outdoor AP. Many vendors make them and they are not real special other than they are designed to get wet and have the sun beat on them. Almost all are powered over the ethernet cable POE. Make sure they come with a power injector, many people use a small switch that can provide power to things like cameras or AP and do not need the injector. Pretty much you locate the injector inside the house somewhere fairly close to the outside where there is a power outlet and plug ethernet cables into the injector and then run it out to the equipment.