Question Best way to get fans working with Mystic Lights or Synapse?

Oct 6, 2021
First off thanks for your time and second I apologize of my lack of knowledge of this RGB LED stuff. Here is my issue. I just bought a new motherboard, case, and fans and would like to have them all controlled by some sort of software and sync them all up with games and what not. Right now I have the six smaller ones plugged into a hub that came with them. The hub doesn't plug into the motherboard though. So I can only use the remote that was included to change the lights. The three larger fans are still in route and I haven't got them yet and am starting to wonder how they will plug in at all.

I have this motherboard...
MSI B550 Gaming Plus

with these fans...
6 - 120mm 4pin RGB Fans
3 - 140mm 6pin RGB Fans

What would be my best option to get them all working in sync with something like MSI Mystic Lights controls or Razer Synapse? I assume I will need to buy a hub of some sort?

Thanks again!
to sync all of your 4 pin RGB devices you would need an LED hub that offers enough connections for all of the devices and has a 4 pin out that will run to a motherboard header.

the 140mm fans use a proprietary 6 pin connection that will not work unless you also have one of their proprietary controllers to connect to.
you should return those and get something better that uses standard connections.