Best way to Overclock i5 2500k


Jan 5, 2012
hi there, im looking to overclock my i5 2500k, and i need your a complete n00b and i dont know anything about this stuff,
most people think overclocking is a bit harder on my mobo: gigabyte z68a d3h b3.
my current specs are:
i5 2500k
Gigabyte Z68 A D3H B3
Coolermaster Hyper 212 evo
Ocz agility 3 60gb
1 terbayte hdd
3 CASE fans
One thing, the memory is a bit much. The Core i series wont really utilize anything beyond 133MHz but thats another sotry.

As for overclocking, it depends on what speed you want. If you want 4.5GHz (doable on that cooler) you would put the voltage to 1.35v, multi to 45, BCLK to 100MHz, turn off C states and then stress test. Then if its stable, go and lower the voltage by 0.01 and do it again.

For most 2500Ks, 4GHz is possible on stock voltage, 4.5GHz is as well but with 1.325-1.35v.

To properly stress test you want to use Intel Burnin Test and Prime95. Prime95 usually for 12 hours, IBT for about 10 passes using a high amount of RAM.

But the real kicker is just every day use. I got stable with both IBT and Prime95 at 1.28v but when just browing the web or playing a game, it would BSoD (a 101 bug check error meaning VCore) so I had to raise the voltage and finally got stable with stress tests and everyday usage at 1.30v at 4.5GHz.
Best use Turbo overclocks with energy saving and idle state features enabled, running the sandybridges 24-7 at high clocks and 1.3vCore plus is the best way to degrade that chip quickly and trust me it degrades quickly even when temps are controlled.