Best way to play old PC games


Feb 16, 2009
I have some old PC games which, when I played them, I got a lot of joy out of. My newer PC though will not allow me to play the old games anymore. So, I can't enjoy games like Magic carpet (the original) and Magic carpet 2. Or even Fury 3 (old MS game). Would it be easier to try and locate an old win 95 PC somewhere or is there a way to play these games on my newer Pent 4 Win XP system?


Dec 13, 2008
install the game, go to its desktop shortcut or startmenu icon (doesn't matter which) and rightclick. at the bottom a the thing that comes up should be the word 'properties'. click an that and a window should pop up. one of the tabs it has is one called compatibility. go to that and there will be the option to go into compatibility mode. this makes you able to run old programs from previous windows OS back to windows 95. you can also make resolution changes or revert to 256 colors when running the program.

now you can save money and take advantage of more raw processing power when playing your game.