Question Best way to proceed?


Apr 18, 2016
Hello, smart people of the interwebs.

Today I have what is probably a dumb question.

I snagged a prebuilt ABS gladiator gaming pc off newegg back in 2019 amidst the gpu shortage, made the cable management "better" and gave my kid my old pc/gpu because he was begging for an upgrade and frankly, needed it badly.

It has a 750w power supply, i9 9900k and a 3080. Rosewill d100 spectra case with 3 preinstalled (intake) fans ion the front and one rear (exhaust) preinstalled in the back. It had a 240mm Gamdias Chione 240mm AIO cooler up top exhausting.

I upgraded to a 7900xtx (asrock phantom gaming) and temps inside are HOTTTTTT with the glass on. When I take the glass off the gpu and junction temps are like 20 degrees C lower.

I can't really afford to add too many new fans or upgrade the AIO or anything like that. I was curious as to if there were like standoff screws that I put in the holes where my glass thumbscrews go to have the glass stick out like an inch.... Or some other way to increase the airflow in this system.

I can't connect the preinstalled case fans to the motherboard to rev them up any higher that I know of anyway. (gigabyte Z390 UD mobo). I'm looking for a cheap and not making my system hideous looking solution to keeping things cooler on the inside of the glass. Running it open isn't a great option since I have young (terrorist) nephews that are here in my home often when I'm not around and shutting this thing off when not in use tends to be forgotten very often by me. I could see one of them being in my basement in my office room (even though I've warned my MIL and wife to keep them out of there) and laugh-spitting juice/water/pop all over the inside of the case because the other one poked them "the right way".