Best way to setup storage for WMC with my older PC


Jul 28, 2009
I have a PC running Windows Media Center. I’m needing to add some drives for media storage. I was looking at the Rosewill RSV-S5, but unfortunately I don’t have a PCI E slot open. I DO however have this card, which is PCI, installed. Can I run the S5 off of either this card, or one of the motherboard based SATA connections? (I would have one open if I moved my 2 spare drives out to the S5)

Also, the motherboard is older. It’s an MSI N1996. I don’t really know much about the multiplier, but didn’t know if this motherboard could run it.

I’m just wanting JBOD, not a RAID setup. So if someone knows of a better way to do this let me know. I'm getting confused by all the enclosures. Thanks for any help!