Question Best way to Strenghten Wifi?

Aug 1, 2019
I need a way to strenghten my wifi connection. My modem/router (Xfinity provided Dual Band 802.11ac) is about 25' away from my pc and I can't move it any nearer since I am unable to find the splitter for the coax cable in my house. I have browsed many wifi accesories but I don't know which would help me more (either powerline, repeaters and extenders). There are also too many walls for me to make holes and pass an Ethernet through. A PC that's in the room next to the modem is getting over 170MBps and I'm getting about 20MBps.

Gigabyte H310M A
16GB DDR4 2400
Sandisk SSD 240GB
TP-Link AC1300 PCIe card. Driver ver :7.35.317.1 (connected 2.4Ghz, I wasn't able to make a stable connection at 5Ghz but it didn't make any difference)
Corsair VS400
Win10 Pro Version 1903
Core i5 8400 base clock speed
EVGA GTX1070 base clock speed


Feb 10, 2009
It sounds like your place is similar to mine, and the only solution that worked well for me was to use a wireless mesh setup. I tried extenders, powerline adapters, higher priced routers with lot's of antenna's, but none of that worked to my satisfaction. If cost isn't an issue and you want solid signal everywhere so you can make use of the speed of 5G, then that's what I recommend. I use the Google Wi-Fi 3 pack since it was the most simplistic of them all to set up and IMO the most aesthetically pleasing.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money and want a cheaper solution to try out, try one of the TP-Link Powerline adapters. They're much lower cost and may work well enough for you. I never saw speeds reach more than 45-75mbps using this setup, which is why I returned it and went mesh.