Question Best way to use many external simultaneously on PC


Nov 22, 2010
I have eight 5 TB externals I'm currently using for some data storage and backups. I'd like to be able to access them all on my PC at the same time. And I'd like to be able to transfer between them at a reasonable speed.

I'm out of internal slots so I can't buy a USB card. So I'm looking at hubs.

I've found a few hubs with around 7-10 ports (and some quick charging ports which would be nice for phones/etc.)

They're all powered hubs as I'm sure that's a requirement.

Also, I have an eSATA (not eSATAp) port on my case as well. Not sure if that is relevant.

My question is basically, which hub should I use? And should I find a hub that plugs into the eSATA for faster data rates (allowing for less restricted data rates when transferring between two drives on the same hub)?


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Anker has been around for more than 20 years. I've been using their laptop batteries exlusively, as well as their USB hubs, for all personal and client systems that I work on or with. I trust their quality and product support. This other company, I've never heard of, and is likely a fly by night Chinese manufacturer that will be gone in six months to a year. I trust the companies that stick around and support their products.

These no name or Johnny come lately brands are just too risky, and tend to incorporate cheap internal electronics. If I was wanting to start a fire, yes, I'd go with a product like that. It's probably a good thing it HAS an off switch, so you can (Hopefully) shut it down when the electronics short out. LOL. I'm only half kidding on that.




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Well, technically that Anker hub is only 60w too, but that's still considerably more than that cheap chinese made unit AND it's doubtful that everything connected to the hub is going to be pulling full power at the same time, so it really should be fine with that 60w hub.