Question Best Youtube Android Apps for TV and Phone ? Vanced is DEAD ?

Dylan Beckett

Jul 12, 2021

I was going to try to install Vanced on my Android TV and phones as I'm sick to death of the official app - however I just read that it's been killed off (discontinued kind of same thing)?

So I'm looking for a new alternative to use?

Blocking ads isn't a must for me, but I'm sick of them removing functions like Bitrate Quality + Custom Speed, making it so fiddly to work with folders/favourites etc that you have to do it on a PC instead etc...

Can you recommend a few apps in order of suitability and make sure to list if it's for Android TV or Android Phone or Both?

I use Magic Actions for PC in the Browser; and I'd love to find something with loads of options like that if possible.
But at the very minimum I really need the Bitrate Quality + Custom Speed options to work!

BTW - they make it really hard to figure out how to install a lot of apps on Android Smart TV's these days...
So it would be great if you could give me any important instructions on what to use to install things/how to do it etc if you know how?

Thank you for your help

Math Geek

i don't know about android tv but i use NewPipe for the phone. no ads which is what i was looking for.

you can download the apk and install it yourself or go through something like f-droid which is a 3rd party app store. lots of good stuff in there.