Better CPU vs higher resolution

Jun 27, 2018
I am getting a new laptop and I am stuck between 2 of them. One being last years model(r4) has everything the same as the new one(r5) except the r4 has a 1440p 140hz gsync screen and a i7-7700hq processor but the new r5 has a 1080p 60hz screen and a i7-8750h processor. Will I be able to notice a better picture when gaming on a 17inch display, will the better processor be worth it to sort of future proof the laptop a little better than the older peocessor. Will the higher resolution lower the frames? I haven't played on a higher resolution than 1080p so I dont know what it's like to game at 1440p with g sync.
EDIT: both have 1070 gpu




Feb 1, 2017
Get the 1440p gsync one because the other one is 60hz meaning 60fps, meaning screen tearing... The one with gsync is better.... No tearing will occur meaning an amazing gaming experience..
Honestly, when you move up to 1440p, the bottleneck moves from the CPU to the GPU. So the CPU really matters less. This is why when you look at a lot of CPU benchmarks, there is only a small difference between various CPUs at 1440p and almost no difference at 4k.

The GPU will have a much bigger impact on gaming performance at 1440p and I would only recommend a 1070 or higher for 1440p resolution. The 1060/580 and down are just not powerful enough for that resolution at good fps and high settings.