Question better Motherboard

The only real difference would be that the X470 board would have better VRMs which would help with overclocking. But if you dont plan on doing heavy overclocking then save the money and get a B450 board (unless its marginal then get the 470 anyway if it has all the features you want.
Which one better. 2600X in AsRock X470 Master SLI or AsRock B450 Pro4
The X470 Master SLI looks to have a pretty good VRM... 4 discrete phases with 4 very strong FET's on each phase.

While the B450Pro4's isn't shabby the Master SLI seems to have it beat. But I would say neither are going to be extreme overclockers and in the end you may not see more than a 25-50Mhz advantage in final overclock, all else being equal.

But the Master SLI also has the usual X470 feature advantages: more SLI lanes meaning more super-speed USB ports and more concurrent PCIe slots that can be used and also allowing to SLI Nvidia GPU's. But perplexingly, although it has two M.2 sockets the second is crippled at PCIe gen 2 x 2. Don't know why they'd do that.
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