better Performance for price with overclocking AMD Ryzen 5 2600($165) vs 2600x($220)

Sep 4, 2018
I was going to buy a ryzen 5 2600x for $220 when I saw that the 2600 version is now $165, 55 dollars less! My question is that now the 2600 is cheaper I might try to overlock it (never done before) and use the extra money to buy a better cooler. I was not going to try overclocking on the x version but I saw that amd has automatic overclocking and it will be clocked higher the more cooler the cpu is. How much better would a overclocked 2600 with a good cooler be than the x version with the auto clock and stock cooler? Or should I just buy a better fan cooler for the x to get a higher clock. What liquid cooling for the 2600 if oc should I get and what fan for the 2600x if going with auto oc.
Also would a EVGA g3 550w psu be enough for the overclocking with a EVGA 1060gtx 6gb ssc.

Ryzen doesn't tend to oc high and the 2600x is basically already clocked as high as it can go. Even the stock cooler is good enough to get the 2600 to 2600x level most of the time. If you want to add a cooler a hyper 212 (if it's about 30$) is good enough or if you want to go with a better cooler a cryorig H7 is more than good enough.


Apr 3, 2018
If you want to do OC for pleasure, for learning or for a challenge, I recommend you do it. But I would never recommend that you do OC to save money.

Without OC it requires a correct mobo, the stock cooler and a good psu. OC mild or moderate also.
Strong OC requires a very good mobo, a very good cooler and a very good psu.

The GTX 1060 6G is a mid-range GPU that you pair with CPUs that are comparatively much better. Both of them do not even need OC to service it.


Mar 5, 2017

Simple answer,
If you wish to OC get 2600.
Get 2600X if you are not going to OC. It is just a high binned chip which is already OC'ed out of the box.
Neither are capable of higher speeds. So choose accordingly.

Decent aftermarket cooler would do, hyper 212x is also good.


Jul 16, 2014
Buy the 2600 and grab a noctua nh12am4 with the saved money. Just bought those two recently and can't even get my PC to hit 60c. 10 min stress test only hit 56 and gaming typically around 50 or lower.

You don't really need to overclock it, the boost works very nicely. I overclocked for benchmarks to 4.0 very stable with only minor bump on the voltage.

I woulsnt consider keeping a stock 2600x cooler, it's only slightly larger than a 2600. With stock cooling I hit temps as high as 72 under minor benchmarks and now I can't even clear the 50s. Went from idle at 40c to 27-32.

The x bumps up to 4.1 and I would assume a stable consistent overclock would be 4.2 or 4.3 since the non x goes from 3.9 to 4.0 or 4.1. You can safely run at 4.0 when you need that boost while gaming. So you give up basically no fps and get a better cooler.

I don't know how the gaming pro board is, but I have the b450 tomahawk and it's amazing. Technically the gaming is in a higher tier according to msi website, but I like the back panel much more on the tomahawk. Tomahawk lights can be adjusted via msi software, that red light is not only red.

I was torn between the gaming pro and tomahawk. I was able to find more reviews with tomahawk and everyone I know plus on here said tomahawk and I don't regret it, but I think they are basically the same.

I don't know about the 212 cooler and I have not owned a high end heatsink before this one. I did a ton of cooler research and this brand always came out on top. might be the best cpu upgrade I've ever made outside of getting a SSD.

212 does cost half though. Noctua does guarantee it won't get in way of the ram. I have so much clearance by my ram I could use any giant stick and the gpu also has far more than enough clearance. I've seen many that come very close to the gpu. Also you get clips to attach any 120mm fan on the back for 2 fans. This is how i put mine with a xheaper fan on the back. They say it only makes a few c difference