Review Beyerdynamic Custom Game Gaming Headset Review: Great for RPGs

"Not a handsome headset" I completely disagree. It doesn't have the "cool" looking plastic of a typical gaming headset but honestly I find the looks appealing. This is one of the best looking "gaming" headsets I have seen.

If this were my review I would have replaced aesthetics with the lack of imaging as a con. A gaming headset imo must have great imaging. Even if a person isnt into a game right now that needs to pinpoint sounds on screen who knows over the life of a headset what the future will bring.
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Soundstage and imaging are what's needed in games, not 7.1 in headphones. Don't assume a good or expensive pair of headphones, especially closed back, will have a decent sized soundstage and great imaging. One thing I've learned about headphones is they all prioritize different things. You can get cheap open backs with large soundstages and imaging good enough for gaming. You can find expensive closed backs with narrow soundstages and great imaging, but the imaging is in a narrow space so not great for gaming.