BF ASAP Question! GA-Z68XP-UD3 with 2133 ripjaws


Nov 5, 2011
So here's a facepalm on turkey day...

I just ordered:
2 kits of G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB DDR3 2133 (PC3 17000) $140
■i5 2500k $200

After a month of research for all my components, I'm reading that because the board is 1.5v and the RAM is 1.65v I may have a problem with compatibility.

1. Apparently I would have to OC the 2500k in order to get the 1.65v ripjaws to work. Is this fact?

2. The other issue is that instead of a 16GB kit, I thought I could buy 2 8GB kits. After reading furthur I'm starting to believe this is a no-no. Can 2 8GB ripjaw kits @2133 perform 24/7 with stability?

3. I'm worried that the heat sinks on these ripjaws will interfere with the 212+ I'm planning on buying. Can anyone confirm or deny as I'll be using all 4 DIMM slots

4. I've made a couple builds but by no means am a guru. I've read I can use XMP?!?! to underclock this ram. How do I do that?

5. Should I return this RAM or try and use it as it's on it way to my house? OR should I go with a 1.5v 16GB ripjaws kit that newegg has on sale $65 for black friday?

6. Will the above mentioned 1.5v 16GB ripjaws kit fit in my mobo with a 212+?

7. Recommended heat sink fan for i5 since HSF and DIMM slot reportedly close

I don't want to spend all of the holiday season with BSOD or fried components. I need the build to be stable and I keep it on 24/7 (it sleeps). I haven't purchased a CPU heatsink/fan yet so if other would be better for tight squeeze between HSF and DIMM slot pls let me know. I also ordered a Corsair Carbide 500R to keep cool if heat should be an issue.

PLEASE respond quickly as the alternate RAM sale ends soon and I sincerely appreciate your help!