Oct 15, 2012
I have:

560ti evga vcard - 306.23 drivers
q6600 cpu
asus maximus mobo
2gb ram
cooler master 600 psu
windows 7 32bit
Charter cable internet - 50mbps download

Im running bf3 with all video settings on low 1680x1050 resolution and when im stationary or just looking around my fps is decent, around 60 fps but as i start to run through the enviroment and engage enemys my fps drops down to 10-20 fps. I play team dm and i like to quickscope and when it takes like a full second for my scope to come up that ruins the game for me. When im running the game my cpu usage is high, around 90% but never goes to 100%, my ram usage is only about 1gb. I have tryed dropping my resolution all the way to 800x600 and the lag is still there. I always pick close servers, the ping is around 30-50ms. I live in texas and alot of servers seam to be hosted here. Some people that ive talked to seam to think my cpu is bottlenecking and i need to upgrade to an i5 and as a college student without a job theirs no way i can do that. Every other game i play is just fine, not sure how graphically intense they are but borderlands 2, skyrim, diablo 3, blacklight retribution all run flawlessly at high/max settings. Maybe i need to rollback to a previous drivers version because i remember playing at medium/high and not having a problem back when bf3 came out. Does anyone have any sudjestions?


Oct 15, 2012
I had 560ti and 2x2gb ram, when I cranked the settings up it started lagging after a few mins of game-play so I bought more (2x4gb) ram and problem solved, and yeah, bf3 was the only game I had problems with..



Sep 26, 2012
well...for both of you.
a 560ti is very capable of handling bf3 on 1680*1050 resolution on ultra..
And i dont see any major reason for lagging.
Try underclocking your graphics card and even turn off the SSDP discovery in services..hope it helps.!!
One more suggestion...if you do have more than one versions of microsoft C++, try uninstalling them all till u are left with just one..
Try your luck..