BF3 - Black screen after update even though its patched


Sep 4, 2011
i have being getting a black screen when launching bf3, I'm using the Russian version, with the English patch. i have re applied the the language patch and i had it working and played a few hours, although when i try to join a game now i get the black screen issue and a bf3 has stopped working error. this has happened a few times and i have had to re install the game twice the first two times i thought it was because i was trying to play coop and assumed that the language pack was not compatible with coop, although today a was playing rush without an issue then when to join a friend playing team death match and i got the same black screen issue...

does anyone have a fix or a suggestion, or even have the same issue?

i have done a repair install a number of times, and always says that no files are corrupt or missing. i have delete certain files that i think my be corrupt and then done a repair install, but still its not working. if i could isolate the file that is ******* it up maybe i could delete it and do a repair install to attemp to fix it but obviously i dont know what file/s is causing it.

any ideas?



Jun 1, 2012
I'd say your first problem is that you have a russian version with English patch. Soo did you 'find' a copy in russian or what??
But since you say repair install I think not, is it through Origin? And if so again why Russian?