BF3 Clan/Platoon search


Jun 19, 2012
Hey Community,

I have been playing BF3 since release. Am an avid fan and (in my opinion) am getting pretty good. I want to find a clan or platoon that plays fairly regularly and also has a competitive edge. As in, playing in tournaments and what not? If you have one or know of one please let me know! I AM SOO KEEN!

Secondly, bought NFS Most wanted today! Super pumped about it. But my XBOX 360 controller for PC seems to bug out a lot. Not letting me access the auto log from inside the game. Its annoying. Anyone else come across this problem?


V1p3rstr1k3! a.k.a Matt!
check out the twl ladder system. you will often find clans recruiting on there...
really all you need do to get in a clan is find a server you like and haunt it. after a few weeks of turning up regularly you can ask to chat on t.s from there ists normally a simple step to join up.