Bf3, far cry 3 and AMD 6950


Apr 22, 2012
first of all - sorry for my english

im playing bf3 on high settings at 1080p (fps is 45-60)
ASUS HD 6950 1gb
i5 3570 3.7 ghz
8gb ddr 3 ram

yet if i switch to ultra, my fps will drop to around 27-34
that is not actually a problem and i`m fine playing on high settings, but some people with 6950 and 560ti claim that they have 40-60 fps on ultra (at 1980x1680)

im starting to think that there is somethinc wrong with my videocard

can somebody with similar specs tell me if my perfomance is normal?

P.S. and yes, i know it is possible to play this game on ultra with 580gtx, 680, 7970 and so on. I`m more interested in performance with cards similar to mine

P.P.S. This benchmark says 6950 runs at average 31 fps on ultra,

my own benchmark at this sequence

gave me this results: min: 20, max: 64, avg: 37;

so is it normal perfomance for an amd 6950 at ultra and 1080p?
i just want to know my card works as intended

also in Far Cry 3 at 1080p, dx 11, no mssa, everything on very high except for shadows and post fx (they are on medium) im getting 50-60 fps with some drops to 40s (is it normal?)

and sorry for long post


Nov 29, 2008
ahhh let me recap

u get 27-34fps on ultra, so that about 30-31fps on average
guru3d says on ultra, an average of about 31 fps. so your issue would be?
there b.s ing you... there are only 4-6 cards with a single gpu that can max out the game and stay over 55fps... yours should be giving 45fps minimum on ultra with blur turned off. x2 fsaa.
the 560 will be lucky to manage 30 fps at the above settings consitently... the 560ti will manage a little better about 40-45... chances are there claiming ultra settings but have dropped some other settings such ad dx11 which dont show up in the main menu but instead can be turned off by adjusting the .cfg files.
genrally its fanboys trying to show off against console owners or idiots trying to convince themselves and any 1 else that will listen there cards are high end...
my sig system gets a little more than advertised on that guru site as im runing an oc on the cpu. so i get about 35fps-45fps average.
depending on map and where im looking.



Aug 25, 2011
as said above, they are b.sing you your performance is about right.

Ultra in BF3 requires a stupidly powered single card 7970/680 or 2 High performance GPUs such as your 6950 fit another 6950 in there and watch BF3 fly.

I must admit the game still looks amazing all low.

I play Ultra textures. Medium Mesh, Rest low, HBAO, no AA 2560x1440 on my 7850 and hardly ever drop below 55fps

FPS > Eyecandy in MP FPS