Bf3 new gpu/same/wait


Jul 6, 2008
At the moment i have a gtx 285.
really looking forward to bf3

so the question:

Should i stick with my 285 because it will be fine
Should i get a 560ti/570 and keep it for a reasonable time
Should i stick with my 285 and wait for the kepler cards.

If i wait then i will be building a whole new rig once amd/nvidia start shipping their new cards. if i got for a 560ti then i will probably still build a new rig but keep the 560ti.

answers and opinions toms?


Sep 23, 2011
I myself have the GTX 285, and it ran fine. With the beta, there is no real settings for ultra, the menu is there but EA has them set to Ultra=High for now. I heard something about the texture not operating at max in beta either. Assuming we can keep the same settings as beta, the GTX seems to do fine for medium to higher settings(of course AA at 4 x probably 2). The beta also doesn't have vehicles there really isn't buildings that destruct just barriers so all that will play a toll