Bf3 - recommended SLI GTX 570s for Ultra, but i have one GTX 590??



There was a gamespy article that said the general setup for a battlefield 3 rig to expect to run Ultra at a good fps, is two GTX 570s running in SLI, as well as a core i5 2500k and 8GB of ram...

my computer fulfills the CPU portion ( i have an i7 2600k) and the RAM portion (i've also got 8gb of RAM) but my video card is a GTX 590- Its generally accepted that SLI 570s is a faster setup than one GTX 590- Will I still be able to run BF3 at (at least MOSTLY) ultra settings?

thanks in advance.

EDIT: My resolution is 1920x1200. I can handle something like 2xAA, that isn't a problem.
A GTX 590 is a dual gpu graphics card so you can run it in sli and it will be the same as two 570's in sli.
This review was just posted yesterday in TomsHardware ;,3063.html

The cpu does not really matter for BF3 as you can run it with a dual core , the most criticle component for this game is the graphics card. The 590 actually takes the top spot in the benchmarks.


You can, when they said that i think they were talking about having 16x aa. they were still exaggerating. My xFired 6850's maxed it at about 50 frames, and my 560ti needs only slightly lowered settings.

I'm pretty sure you can max it out.