Question Big fps drops in every game on a pretty good computer.

Jul 11, 2019
Hello. A few months ago I finished building my new computer. Since that time every single game is unplayable. After about 30-60 minutes in the game I have huge fps drops, from over 100 to 30 or lower. Fps drops are more frequent the longer I play. It looks like components are overheating, but all temperatures are fine:

-CPU max temperature: 60° C

-GPU max temperature: 71° C

-Motherboard: none of the temperature is higher than 55° C

I checked the temperatures with a few programs and each of them showed the same thing.

This what else did I try:

-update Nvidia drivers

-reinstall Nvidia drivers

-clean install Nvidia drivers with DDU

-try install older nvidia drivers

-disable xmp profile

-try use other xmp profile

-update BIOS

-clear CMOS

-update chipset drivers

-update Windows

-uninstall unnecessary programs

-reinstall Windows

-try use the older Windows version

-run a virus scan

-run a scan Malwarebytes

-disable windows game bar

-try set power plan to high performance or Ryzen balanced

-set nvidia panel options to max performance

-test RAM with MemTest86-everything is fine

-test CPU with Aida64-all temperatures are fine

-test GPU with FurMark-all temperatures are fine

My specs:

-CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7GHz

-GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 8GB Windforce

-Motherboard: MSI B450 TOMAHAWK

-RAM: HyperX Predator DDR4 16 GB(2x8GB) 3200MHz

-Cooling: be quiet! Dark Rock 4 PRO

-SSD1: GoodRam CX300 120GB

-SSD2: Corsair MP510 960GB

-PSU: Corsair RM750x 750W

-Case: SilentiumPC Gladius M35

Nvidia drivers 431.36

Windows 10 64 bit 1903

I do not know if it is a hardware or software fault.

I apologize for my bad English and thank you for all your help :D


Mar 31, 2019
What part of your motherboard is 55c? Mine is at 25c. Maybe you are experiencing heat soak in your motherboard, vrm, etc. What kind of case fans do you have on board? Also have you run task manager to see if something is taking up resources in the background while you are playing? Like steam auto download in background, etc.
Jul 11, 2019
OK. Now I've tried another program to monitor temperatures(HWiNFO64).
These are temperatures after 60 minutes of 100% cpu load:
-system max: 41° C
-CPU max: 58° C
-VR MOS max: 62° C
-PCH max 40° C
I think that these temperatures are too low to cause throttling

I have 5x Be quiet pure wings 2 120mm.

I do not see anything suspicious in the task manager.
I will add that with the decrease of fps, the consumption of cpu and gpu drops for a while