Question big frame drops in all games at random times


Jun 16, 2014
I'm having this problem in some games but not all where ill being playing games getting good frames and them it will random drop in frames sometimes to a point where its just frozen. the games will run very well until this point and it does happen all the time but enough that it bothers me.
this is a link to an example from playing assassins creed.

Any help or tips are appreciated. thanks

cpu: i7-9700k
memory: 16gb ddr4 @ 3200
gpu: GeForce gtx 3070
playing games at 1440p with medium settings


For one 1440p is a queer in-between resolution, not 4K and not UHD, a lot of game developers do not optimize for that or Ultra Wide Screens.
What are your monitor capabilities, refresh rate, response time on HDMI ?
What are your GPU driver settings when it comes to v-sync ? (as for each driver compatibility with games you have to go fish, can't do it for you)
What are your settings in-game ?