Question Big problem after laptop upgrade

Aug 6, 2019

I own a Lenovo Legion Y720 and i decided to upgrade to 16GB and SSD with following components:

RAM : Kingston 8GB DDR4 2400mhz CL17
SSD : AData XPG SX6000 Lite 256Gb M.2

All good.. i installed these 2 components but I didn t know i will have such a nightmare..

I ve installed the first version of Windows in AHCI mode.. after the windows has been installed.. I got a BSOD saying Critical Process Died a bit after windows startup and my laptop won t run after .. i needed to force shut down from button.. i turned on the laptop.. it was running like a couple of minutes okay then i got the same BSOD.. third time i runned a SSD benchmark and i got BSOD in the time the benchmark was running.

I said “okay this Windows is shit” .. i ve downloaded another version and installed... same thing..

I said okay maybe i don t have all drivers .. i installed Driver Booster and installed all drivers.. same thing

Hmm okay BIOS should be faulty, I said.. i installed the latest version of BIOS.. same thing.

Let s change from AHCI to Intel rsd premium.. installed windows again with all drivers .. well this time is different.. the SSD is going at 100 percent a bit after startup and the laptop freezes but no BSOD.. after a minute it s coming back at normal but i get often freezes...

I changed back to AHCI with new windows.. critical process died BSOD came back..

I don t know what to do.. i think the SSD is faulty.. what do you think?
Aug 6, 2019
I told you.. on Intel RSD after windows startup it s going up to 100 percent usage and the laptop freezez and then comes back to s doing this from minutes to minutes


Aug 23, 2017

So going over the base specs of your laptop, I am assuming that you are adding the M.2 AData SSD, not replacing a previous SSD? If that's the case, then I think I may know what the issue is. It sounds a lot like what happened when I added a samsung 960 EVO M.2 NVMe SSD to my ROG Strix GL753VD.

If i'm right, you have another regular 2.5" HDD in there, as well as a DVD Drive, right?

When I added mine, same thing happened, Install went fine, but booting either froze the machine or BSOD.

Turned out it was an issue with the way Windows sees the drives on that first bootup. I don't know if it has to do with the SSD Controller for M.@ drives, or is just a windows issue, but it turns out, at least for me the issue was easy to fix.

Remove all the other drives from the laptop, temporarily, and install and boot Windows with just the new M.2 SSD installed (in AHCI Mode) Windows won't get confused because its the only drive. After you have booted up, if it works, you can make sure Windows set it as the C: drive, and then shut down and re-add your other drives back in.

Windows should then assign them the proper drive letters accordingly.

Anyway, this is what fixed it for me, if it works for you, than great, if not, it could help narrow down if the issue is a bad SSD or not.



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