Question Big Problems With The GTX 1050

May 8, 2020
Hello Guys.
I'm new in here
So I own a Lenovo Y520
CPU: i7-7700HQ
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 Mobile
Storage: 1 To
Age: 1 Year
I'm using the computer for Gaming and sort of Surfing some internet (watching movies etc..)
Everything was great
Until one day tried to play CS:GO
So I found 5 FPS
I was really shocked tried to reinstall drivers but got nothing
Installed windows again (clean installation, deleted all the partitions)
Installed drivers
Downloaded the games again
But I got nothing
I haven't understand what's the problem
So I've Contacted the Nvidia support
They told me to install older drivers and a few steps to Disable V-Sync and bla bla bla
But still nothing
They told me to send a log
So I did
They said that there's a problem in The GPU :
As per the GPU-Z log, there seems to he high fluctuation in the GPU usage and also the GPU is being used very less.
And now I'm spending the quarantine playing tetris lol
And the weird thing
That computer is charing (100% battery, health is so good), and received a notification telling me that battery was too low
That's when I was really sure that it's a hardware thing
I really wanna know what's the problem in here
Thank you guys for reading this
FPS Changes:

League Of Legends:
Used to 120 fps
now it's [60..70]
40 in teamfights

PUBG Lite:
Used to 110, 120
Now it's 50 and so laggy

Used to 150 in lobby and 120 in game
now it's 60 in lobby and 20 in game

GTA V: maximum was 10 and I'm used to play with 80 fps at high settings

P. S:settings in-game are set to Very Low(still got those low Values of FPS)
May 8, 2020
I got that 'low battery thing' one time and that's it
And it's been almost 2 weeks now having this problem
And this is really bad
And by the way thanks for your replies guys