Dec 13, 2005
I used Registry Mechanic 5.0 to try and compress my registry (just because it sounded cool)

And when i rebooted it wouldn't work at all, the pc would load the Xp home startup screen then go blank.

i have been able to make the computer useable but this has made it revert back to defalt settings. (i had to use msdos on the xp recovery cd ad i backed up the broken regestry and replaced it with the default one.) but this has ment i've lost all my settings and drivers.

i have a program Bart PE which will allow me to edit the registry while its set up on the pc (i think) i do not really know how to edit the registry myself well but i will give it a try :)

i do know which part of the regestry is broken, its the *software* section if this is any help

i just really need to know what the values should be so that it will boot properly, system restore will not work either

or how to load the computer up (safe mode doesnt help in its current state i have exactly the same problem)

many thanks to anyone who can help

DO NOT USE REG MECHANIC as a warning to anyone


Jan 15, 2005
I have been using Registry Mechanic 3 for a while and I have had no problems. I think before you repair a registry it asks you to back it up. Did you do this? If you did then just restore it. If not, lesson learned.


Dec 15, 2005
I'd do a general repair of Windows using the install disk to fix the Windows registry values. Other software issues may require a reinstall of certain programs. Always back up your registry before making any changes, either manual or with a registry program.


Feb 13, 2006
i use registry mechanic 5.1 and now 5.2 and they are working pretty good.
the simplest way to get it working again would be to do windows repair install. if u revrted to the defaul registry then the settings wich were stored in the registry are lost. i reomend installing the apps u were using over the old install that windows is not recognizing now.
i repeat myself. the settings stored in the registry are lost.
bart pe won't help u. it's good that the computer is usable again. u can't recover the settings and believe me u cannot restore it by hand manually editing it because there are lots of settings.