Question Big troubles with my GPU, shutting down while playing games such as CS:GO or Fortnite.

Jan 6, 2020
So specs are:
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Nvidia GEFORCE RTX 2060 ( from kfa2, dunno if that matters)
8*2 gb of ram
650 W Corsair 80+ gold
MSI B250 mobo

So 4 months ago, I bought my PC already built on . I've recently encountered problems with my GPU shutting down while I am playing CS:GO, or Fortnite (and Portal Knights also) .
What my PC would do is not detect my graphic card anymore, fans would go mad and monitor wont display anymore. Im forced to shut it down manualy and then when I try to restart it, it would be fine until i would replay those games. Generally this problem appears 1 or 2 hours after i begin to play, then if within the same hour i restart the pc manualy and try to play those games again, it would crash 5 or 10 minutes after starting the game.
I've been looking on the forums to find out what the problem was, i used to have a EVGA 500 W as a PSU, I thought it wasnt good enough for my specs so I bought recently a 650 W Corsair. I thought my problems were over, BUT , I started Fortnite, 20 minutes into the game, my pc crashed.
I've reinstalled the drivers. I'm not gonna reset my pc because, i looked at similar cases and it looks that its never the problem.
Also i have installed HVMonitor to see if its overheating related, but my gpu seems to be totally fine towards these issues.
So tell me if I need to throw my GPU away if you want, but please, help me fix this problem.
thank you in advance.


Jan 6, 2020
Seems like a power issue to me.

First, unplug your pc and open the case. It should be a single 8-pin going in the gpu (if 6+2, look if the +2 is in the whole way).
If all seems fine, dowload MSI afterburner and lower the core clocks, if you can run a game fine on lower clocks we know for sure it has to be something about the gpu/psu