Question Big Voltage problem with brand new Ryzen 3700x (up to 1.5v)


Mar 15, 2018
Just got the new MOBO, RAM and CPU yesterday, so far I spent hours trying to mold the CPU into an usable unit due to tempetures, idle frequencies, and fan spikes (stock 3700x fan)

You should know that I am not really familiar with today tricks and crafts of modern CPUs, so please if possible explain and help me out in the most amateur terms possible.

I have managed to stabilize the frequencies by using the power plan, so now the CPU is on 2224MHZ all the time, if I don't work the Min/Max power states, the CPU works in turbo mode no matter if I am away from PC, playing a game or working in Photoshop.

Beside the problem with frequencies in max possible numbers, I am having problems with voltage, vcore is going up to 1.5v where on average usage it sits around at 1.45, I tried to offset the voltage in bios but no matter what I do or which number I offset the volts are not changed at all. Here is the picture of current offset setting in bios

I just hope that I am obviously doing something wrong so there is a quick fix for this nightmare.

So far what I changed since unpacking the components yesterday.

  • Installed chipset drivers from MSI
  • Realised that I had to install the ones from AMD
  • Installed Realtek LAN and Dragon center (in which I use silent and balanced mode when I test the performance)
  • Tried with multiple power plans both AMD and Windows
-Enabled c-states (by default was disabled in bios)
-Enabled a-XMP
At the moment I am really concerned about the voltage, for both CPU and RAM ( Heard the 1.360v is a bit higher than it should be)
The records above are about 30 minutes after I turned the PC on (idle). The PC was off for about an hour prior to turning it ON (If that is important in any way) If I actually did anything somewhat CPU heavier like using Photoshop the average voltage would go to 1.4+