Bigger-slower-cheaper vs. smaller-faster-exepnsiv... er


Jun 17, 2010
Hello all :pt1cable:
Ive been looking for worth while things to save up for and then spend money on like a good consumer ever since i built my new rig :D . since the build was on a budget, i had to use some parts from my old emachines clunker. this included a dvd drive, hdd, and gfx card. i have no problem with the dvd drive and am happy to say that i am the proud owner of a new asus 5850. so the only thing thats left is the hdd. Right now, I have about 30 Gb left of 230 gb. Im being extra conservative on the things that i download and install because i still need 15% for defrag. so it sounds easy right? get a bigger drive? well i mostly use the computer for gaming and ssd drives ive heard, can make the computer run a lot faster by just putting the os on it.
plus, this will free up another 60 gb from the other drive (if i got an ssd it would most likely be 60gb)

of course i could always go with a 1tb hdd and never run out of room ever. but this means that it will be a slower, mechanical drive.

this has most likely been discussed before so if thats so just point me to the thread. in my limited efforts i haven't found an artical that was that up to date with this kind of problem.

Thank ya