News BigTreeTech's CB1 Takes On Raspberry Pi CM4

Oct 22, 2022
I'd be careful and read the forums especially on Facebook and GitHub. I was an early purchaser and bought 4 of these. The software was a mess, it was impossible for many to get the wifi set up, it took me 2 days to get it working well and that was using another forums user method for essentially wiping out all the bad set ups in Biqu distro and reinstalling most components. That one is still working well. One of the other PI4b modules I received was bad and I could never get their customer service to help me. The Customer service sent me to Tech support and they just never responded. The module is 100,,% bad other CB1 modules don't work in it, and they do work in my other one, but I couldn't get a replacement or refund. It's not a bad module, but it is not easy to get running and isn't as good as a Pi.