Question BIOS: 128 mb vs 256 Mb Flash ROM, UEFI AMI BIOS


Feb 24, 2015
I can't really find much information and a lot is from 2004, some said it didn't matter, in some cases 256 was slower, etc. I wonder how much has changed or if there is a clear winner. I want to know how much it matters, what they do, what is the most up to date bios, and any other info.
its a nor flash, pretty much same stuff you have in smartphone as a storage
its quite fast for reading (faster than nand flash), but its slow at writing, ideal for phones where you dont write to storage that much and ofc for bios firmware aswell xD

capacity vs speed doesnt matter, think of it as a storage on sd card (also nor flash and sometimes nand), there are fast flash cards and slow flash cards, will bigger flash card be slower compared to same smaller one?
BIOS storage size may influence how much can be done with the BIOS. For instance, earlier Socket AM4 motherboards have to drop compatibility for earlier processors when updating to a newer BIOS because the storage size is capped out at 128Mb (16MB). Newer boards double this to 256Mb (32MB)

Otherwise there's no real difference between the two sizes.
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