Question BIOS black screen after update

Nov 1, 2021
Hi everyone,

Before I list my issues, let me list my pc components.

Motherboard: TUF B450-Plus Gaming.
Graphic Card: RTX 2080
Power Supply: EVGA 850 GA
CPU: Ryzen 2600
RAM: 2x 8gb GEIL Super Luce 3000mhz
2x 8gb GEIL Super Luce 3200mhz

It all started when I bought 2 additional sticks of ram for schoolwork. I wanted to find similar models of ram so it wouldnt look so ugly in my build. I read up and understood that the 3200mhz would be lowered to 3000mhz. Thats perfectly fine with me. In addition, my motherboard supports up to 3200mhz and 32gb ram too.

After plugging in the sticks, I realised the Total Memory is 32GB while the Usable Memory is 15.9GB. Read up into it and realised that I need to set up my DOCP profile (mine isn't XMP)

After doing that, my computer could not boot properly and it brings me into BIOS again, asking me to revert the settings. So i read up again and realised that I need to update my BIOS firmware. (My version was 2018). So after going through a tough time of converting my usb to a FAT32 and finally updating the BIOS, my computer now shows a black screen on start.

I have unplugged it and retried a couple of times but to no avail. At this point of time, i feel so defeated as all i wanted to do was to upgrade my RAM. Didnt know it is such a painful process to do so. And im stuck with a black screen now. Could not even do my school work at all :(

Please reach out and help me if you have any idea how to fix this issue! God bless
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