Question BIOS Black Screen Until Windows Loads

Jun 25, 2021
I'm having an issue with my hardware. I bought the motherboard and harddrive used (stupid I know), but it was a good deal, and it works. I contacted the seller and he told me that before he sold me the parts, he had setup dual boot Linux and Windows using grub. He claimed that he removed all of the grub installation so it should have been good to go. When I got the PC I reinstalled windows and did a clean wipe of the harddrive though I noticed that when the computer turns on, it just shows a black screen. It eventually goes away once windows loads, but before that it's just a black screen. If I try and load into the bios it's just a black screen. The bios loads fine, since I can hit escape and exit the bios using my keyboard, which it will then load windows, I just can't see it. I don't see a motherboard logo or anything either when it turns on.

The motherboard is an MSI-Z270 A-Pro.