Question BIOS boots up but options are invisible?? (Intel DQ670W)

Mar 27, 2020
Please help, my problem is basically what the title states already

Not a long time ago I bought an used motherboard with an Intel processor and I wanted to put a GPU on it, but it didn't seem to recognize it at first so I figured I needed to update the BIOS, which I did and the problem got solved, could boot up to Windows with my GPU working without a problem

Problem is, I do believe It was after that update (I doubt it was before because I wouldn't been able to update) that my BIOS seems to have got corrupted or something similar... I can boot up and pressing F2 brings me to the BIOS screen, but it looks like everything is invisible! I can navigate through options but there's nothing written on hem... And I'm not sure what to do anymore

I tried booting up without USBs or hard drives connected, and I tried taking out the battery in the motherboard to "reset" the BIOS but it didn't help at all... Here's some images of how it looks

My motherboard is an Intel DQ670W (Cougar Point), which has discontinued support from Intel btw

And my GPU if needed is a Radeon RX560

Appreciate it :)