[SOLVED] Bios boots up but windows black/green screen flickering


Feb 14, 2017
This all started on January 31st this year. I put my pc into sleep mode, went for a walk, came back and my pc wouldnt show me a picture. It also told me "signal not detected" with my displayport cable plugged in (how it has been for the past years). I plugged in the hdmi cable and the "no signal detected" message was gone but now I had a black screen with some green screens/flickers in between. It shows the bios part when booting up but as soon as it wants to switch to windows, nothing is displayed. After changing the pcie slot of my gpu on the motherboard, I got lucky and I saw something after the manufacturer information was shown on bootup. I got this message: it looks like windows wasnt loaded correctly (pic: https://postimg.cc/3429GqVg/88ef8d57). So I thought it might be a software problem and I tried things Like going into safe mode, uninstalling the gpu drivers but nothing helped. The option that was left: do a clean install of windows. Which I did while hoping it would fix it. But while I was installing windows, the screen just turned black again with green flickers inbetween. I had to shut down my pc and try installing windows again. Now I actually got windows installed but then the flickering started appearing again. Here is the video of it: https://streamable.com/m9z626 . It detects the gpu for some seconds and then it doesnt. Over and over again. My gpu is fine since I tested it on another pc. My monitor is fine since I am using a laptop which I connect to the monitor and that works fine. The cable is working because I use that cable for the laptop as well. I dont know what to do anymore...