Question BIOS can't find HDD and SSD

Jun 8, 2022
First some info before it has happened:
I've wanted to screw the MOBO in, because I've noticed that the screws have been a bit loose. I don't think that this caused the problem, but I'm going to put this info here just in case. After I was done with that I powered the PC on. This is when the problem starts. After it booted into windows, I've noticed that my HDD wasn't in the file explorer. This has happened a few times before and I just usually turn the PC off and umplug the HDD and then replug it back a couple of times. It didn't work. I was curious if the SATA cable was the problem and I plugged it into the SSD, which at the time was found by the BIOS. After that it booted my into the BIOS, and it couldn't find either of the drives. I tried disabling then enabling CMS, but it didn't work. I have no idea what to do in the BIOS. I don't wanna mess with it, because when we built the PC we needed to do some complicated <Mod Edit> in the BIOS to boot normally.
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Did you swap modular cables between different PSUs? If so, then you probably destroyed the 5V protection components on your HDD and SSD.

That said, if you upload photos of each PCB, there may be an easy DIY solution.