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Aug 25, 2020

I’m experiencing some thermal throttling, which I think is leading to underperformance. I want to try and upgrade my bios as a potential fix, but I can’t seem to find any downloads anywhere, not even on the medion website for my specific system downloads - it only shows downloads for some manuals, no bios downloads.

After entering my current bios, it shows that is it by insyde. I’m not very farmiliar with laptops, but my system make/brand is medion, so I’m not sure why I don’t have a specifically medion bios aswell. Or maybe it’s supposed to be like that for some systems? I’m not sure.
It says that my current bios version is 1.07.06 RME_0003, from 2019 I think, but I’d like to find an update to potentially fix my low FPS problems (I have a another whole post open going in depth into this)

any help is appreciated.

system name : Medion Erazer p15805
Model code: 30027139
current bios version: 1.07.06 RME_0003
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