Question BIOS for Lenovo Legion T730 Tower different to what it's supposed to be?


Jun 24, 2014
Hi! hope this is the right place to post this but i've just noticed a problem when going into my bios that i hadn't noticed before.

I previously purchased the Pre-built gaming desktop mentioned above from the swedish retail store "mediamarkt", but had to send it back because of a thermal problem with it, in the short time i used it i did check out the bios and was greeted with a nice UI (can't remember if it was lenovo's or asus's or something), as well as options like CPU Overclock, GPU overclock, etc.

Now when i check the bios on the replacement desktop, it's just the standard "blue and grey" bios, with none of the same menus or tabs/ options, i tried downloading the bios from Lenovo to re-flash it but it gave me the same one.

Is there any way to get back the bios that the other machine had? i've also noticed that the "Lenovo Vantage" software that comes pre-installed on the computers is missing a few options compared to the last one.
Sounds like they sent you a different replacement system or the wrong system in the first place. If what you have is what you paid for, then there's no way to change it. Lenovo, HP, and Dell typically have very basic bios without any overclocking options.