Question BIOS forgets my boot order whenever computer is unplugged from the wall


Jul 1, 2014
Hello, I am having an odd issue that ONLY occurs whenever my PC is unplugged from the wall or loses power during a power outage. I am not sure if this is a motherboard problem, a storage device problem, or what. I boot Windows 10 from a 1TB SSD, and I always have the Windows Boot Manager/boot drive at the top of my boot order. When I restart or shut down, everything works fine, it boots as intended. But whenever I unplug from the wall (after proper shutdown, of course), the next time I switch on the computer it takes me to a black screen with the message "Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key." Pressing a key does nothing except make it repeat the message. At this point, I have to restart, go into my BIOS, and manually reconfigure the boot order. It is also worth noting that if I try to reconfigure the boot order BEFORE being taken to the black screen, neither the Windows Boot Manager nor my SSD are visible in the list of devices. I MUST get to the black "select proper boot device" screen and restart before my boot order can be correctly configured.

Anyone else ever have this problem? Is it my SSD? Or my motherboard or its CMOS battery? Any help would be appreciated. My specs should be in my signature.