Question BIOS is unreadable after HP-recommended BIOS update + Other cascading issues


Apr 8, 2014
I recently received a HP Notice to update my BIOS. I did so, but that's caused a whole cascade of problems.

My laptop started to not being able to detect my external monitor. After doing some research I suspect that the BIOS update reverted some changes in regards to not being able to use the onboard graphics as well as the dedicated graphics card that's in the laptop (HP Envy 13). Some of the solutions were to go into my BIOS settings and configure it so that the laptop would use both graphics cards. If anyone can confirm that solution and the steps on how to do so, that'd be appreciated.

However, the BIOS update resulted in another issue. It is completely unreadable at the moment. There are major scaling issues in which the text is too big and overlapping with everything. Here's what it looks like right now:

Here's what the startup menu looks like as well:

I haven't been able to Google this issue at all. Any help is appreciated.

I've already tried recovering the previous BIOS version using Win Key + B + hold the power button. I've also reinstalled my NVIDIA graphics drivers, to no avail as well. I'm hoping that there's another fix other than resorting to a factory reset. Thanks.
First off, I would re-verify the correct BIOS was loaded. Carefully read the requirement, this BIOS for laptop model blah-blah version blah-blah with this hardware and that hardware only blah-blah.

Then I would tell BIOS to reload from default, this is like CLEAR CMOS, will have to go back in to configure whatever CMOS customization but that's no big deal. This does not reload OS.