Question BIOS loop as SSD with OS not being detected.

Jul 14, 2021
My PC has Windows 10 installed on the SSD. Recently, when I start my PC it goes to the ASUS BIOS screen and the SSD does not display. I have tested the cables and ports with the HDD and the HDD works fine so the issue is clearly the SSD. I got the PC working and starting normally (with all items on the SSD working normally) but then it stopped working 24hrs later with the SSD not being detected. The SATA cable for the SSD does not click in and does feel loose. Maybe the SATA cable is broken or the SSD port is broken? The strange thing is that the PC worked fine for 24hrs then suddenly stopped working despite nothing being moved or changed. So if anyone has any advice that would be appreciated.

However, given the issues, I am looking to install Windows 10 on the HDD using a USB so I can use the PC. If I install Windows 10 on the HDD, will anything currently on the HDD be deleted or should it be ok? At the moment this seems the best solution and I may have to take the SSD to a PC repair shop.

Many thanks for any responses.


Aug 11, 2015
u might have to delete things to make space/change file paths/reg edits to make the new windows work without deleting anything but im not too sure about that. It may not let you even install windows with a drive with stuff on it in the windows media creation tool but you can try. Have u tried unplugging all other drives and only plugging in the SSD? Try using the hard drive sata cords for the SSD to eliminate any other causes. Maybe you can open the SSD yourself and bend the pin back if it really is bent. Just be careful