Question BIOS not coming up at all, computer is potato.


Jan 30, 2017
The desktop I’m currently having trouble with I personally built around 4 years ago. The specs are a GTX790TI, i7 4760k, Asrock z97x killer motherboard and 16gb of ram. The only maintenance I’ve done on it was installing an external CPU fan on it around two years ago.

Yesterday I noticed that my C: drive was running out of space so I attempted to merge the portion between my C: and D: drives located on two western digital blue 1TB hard drives. This is stupid I now know since when I got back to the computer after using the mini tool partition wiz, I was unable to get into windows. My BIOS was showing up, but when I would try to boot windows off of the drives It said an error was occurring. Since then I ordered a new hard drive and copy of windows 7.

Today I got the new hard drive and unplugged both previous now I believe corrupted hard drives from the computer and connected the new hard drive. Now the computer will turn on and the fans will go, there’s no beep code, but the computer doesn’t display a single thing on the monitor. I’ve checked multiple cables, the computer seems to be sending nothing. No bios menu, no windows. The two drives I believe I ruined I don’t need back, I just want to be able to boot into windows. When I tried to plug back the old hard drives, nothing still happens. It’s like I broke something, and the bios still isn't coming up- I can't even see the error I was getting yesterday, the computer is sending nothing to the monitor.

I’ve disconnected and reconnected what I believe is the CMOS battery, but that has done nothing. I’m pretty dumb when it comes to this stuff so there’s probably something I’m missing, since I literally just unplugged two hard drives and put a new one it. At this point, I don't want to recover the old stuff on the broken drives and I've got a new copy of windows. can someone walk me through installing windows on a new computer/new hard drive despite the bios not displaying?

Since there’s now nothing happening, is it because I need to install the BIOS again? Is there a surefire way to get bios to come up? How do I do this? Any help is appreciated thanks.


May 16, 2009
Something doesnt make sense. No error beep codes, no display. Start with the basics. Re-seat all connections inside the case, outside going to all peripherals and even the monitor connections please. Doesn't hurt anything to be double sure of connections. Also after you've done that, unplug the power cable to the PSU, remove the CMOS battery for at least a minute or two and insert the battery back into the motherboard and try re-starting the computer and see what that does.