BIOS not flashing?


Jun 11, 2008
I'm looking for some helping flashing my BIOS. I have an EVGA 790i ultra. I burned the NF79 P10 iso file to a cd. I restarted and set the first boot device to cd. It seems to boot up as normal though. There should be something else for me to do in order to flash the bios right? When I reboot with the cd removed and set the HDD to boot first, it still appears to have the same v6 00PG bios version.

I am trying to install a new ssd as my new boot drive tonight along with moving from vista 32 to window 7-64 on the ssd. I am also going to install to new gpu's in crossfire, which I've never done before. I'm not having any problems yet, but want to flash the new bios as it's version 6 to version 10 and with all of the new hardware, I want to be up to date.



Try this - I've never done it on that board before, this is what I found on the evga website. Even with exact follow through step by step instructions you flash bios at your own risk. That warning comes STRAIGHT FROM THE MANUFACTURER.

CD/DVD Installation - Recommended installation method
Download the .iso file:
Use a CD Burning software to burn the .iso image onto a blank CD (Nero, Alochol 120%, MagicISO etc.)

Restart machine, and set the CD Drive as the primary boot device.
The BIOS flash process will begin, Press “Y” to program BIOS.

After flash remove the CD, power off PC Completely.
Turn on the PC and load defaults in BIOS.


Sorry, gotta ask - You do have the cd/dvd as first boot device? If so are you telling me it doesn't recognize the cd file as bootable? When you burn it to a cd it should say somewhere on the program sheet, usually bottom left, whether or not it's bootable. What program did you use to burn it?


^+1 You might want to GO HERE and download a free trial of POWER ISO and use it. After download and installation when you double click on the bios file it should automatically open in power iso. You'll be able to tell beforehand because the file, (iso image), should look like a disk. If it doesn't just right click on it and open with power iso - it will be one of the options when you right click. This software will burn as an image and on the bottom right hand corner it will say bootable or non bootable. If it says bootable like you want go ahead and burn to cd. Then when you reboot it should work.

Sorry, I had to fix the link to power iso.